My aim this year is to read and review as many of these shortlisted books as I can BEFORE the award ceremony on August 19!


Crowley, Cath

Graffiti Moon

Hartnett, Sonya The Midnight Zoo
Horniman, Joanne About a Girl
MacLeod, Doug The Life of a Teenage Body-Snatcher
Marchetta, Melina The Piper’s Son
Wood, Fiona Six Impossible Things

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  1. Hello!I'm one of your followers.I adore reading! And I just started a book review site on blogger called \”BookBird\”.I'd really appreciate it if you offered some form of adive or suggested a book I could start reviewing.I'm a teen and I'd really like to get the message out to other teens out there about how fun and interesting reading


  2. HiI saw on your blog that you like the Hunger Games. You might like to try Birthmarked by Caragh O'Brian next (see my review!) and the other dystopian books.Do you have a good local independent bookshop near you? Go on in and make yourself known to the friendly staff and ask them for some reading suggestions too. There are lots of blogs with book reviews – follow them publicly (so that they know that you're out there) I was delighted to know that someone other than my family and friends was reading my reviews!! And write comments – it's great to have feedback.Work out why you're writing the blog in the first place – is it just for you? just for teens?I do quick and easy reviews because I don't have the time to read or write long reviews, so my target is for people who just want to know if the book is good or not and what age group is it appropriate for.Good luck & hope to hear from you again :-)Brona


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