CBCA Picture Book Shortlist 2011


CBCA Picture Book of the Year awards will be made to outstanding books of the Picture Book genre in which the author and illustrator achieve artistic and literary unity, or, in wordless picture books, where the story, theme or concept is unified through illustrations. As a general guideline, the judges may consider the relative success of a picture book in balancing and harmonising the following elements:

• Artistic style and graphic excellence (including typography and its suitability for the implied readership);
• Effective use of media and technique;
• Colour, line, shape, texture;
• Relationship between illustration and text;
• Consistency of style, characterisation, information and setting;
• Clarity, appropriateness and aesthetic appeal of illustrations;
• Quality of book design, production, printing and binding;
• Appeal to the child reader.

Baker, Jeannie Mirror
Bancroft, Bronwyn Why I Love Australia
Greenberg, Nicki Hamlet
McKimmie, Chris Two Peas in a Pod
Masciullo, Lucia
Written by Kim Kane
Family Forest
Riddle, Tohby My Uncle’s Donkey

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