Shadow Web | N.M. Browne

Shadow Web by N. M. Browne takes you into a parallel universe where Germany has won World War 2.
Jess is just your normal teenage girl living in London, hanging out with her friends. But a chance meeting in Waterloo Station with her double (albiet a double dressed in rather old-fashioned clothes) sees Jess hurled into a weird new/old London.
Different rules apply and danger stalks every conversation and interaction Jess has in this strange world. Who can she trust? Who is on the ‘right’ side? What happened to the other Jessica? And how is she going to get back home to her mother?I loved it.

Jessica Allendon is bored and Googles her name. Weirdly, she finds another girl, same age, same name, also living in London. They arrange to meet. At the designated time and place, Jess sees the girl, shock registering on both their faces as they realise they look identical. They shake hands and in that instant are catapulted into each other’s worlds. Jessica finds herself somewhere which looks like the London of 50 years ago, but the year is still 2008. In this parallel London, the history is different, key war memorials are missing, and the Jessica whose life she now inhabits was involved in a dark and sinister conspiracy. Jess must convince everyone she is the same girl, at all costs, if she wants to get back to her London – alive.

For good readers 12+

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